Leader, Data & Storage Services, CERN, Switzerland

Massimo Lamanna received a Ph.D. in High-Energy Physics in 1993 at the Trieste University, Italy. He has over 15 years of experience in the field of scientific computing leading projects in the area of data management, monitoring, user access to grid resources and user/community support within the High-Energy Physics community. Notably he coordinated different activities in the area of distributed computing in the LCG project (LHC experiments) and in the COMPASS and ATLAS
experiments. He also fostered collaboration across user communities (Biology, Climatology, Telecommunication, etc…) and initiated the EGEE User Forum, one of the largest and most active events in the grid computing field. For the last 4 years he is responsible for all the disk-data management operations at CERN. He is responsible for managing the data from the LHC experiments to the CERN computer centres; for the CERN disk farms exchanges with collaborating centres world-wide; to serve data to be processed and recorded to tape; to enable thousands of physicists for the final data analysis.